Rashid Ahmed Rifat

A wanderer in my own world, engineer & researcher

Ecodesign for Smartphones: Case Carbon Neutrality

The main idea for this eco-design exercise was to gather enough data on smartphones to be able to give some advice on strategies that could efficiently reduce the global impact. As one knows, the global market for smartphones is expanding increasingly and there is a real need for more sustainability in this field. 
In this report, we only focus on the technical changes that are required for more sustainability. Of course, the most efficient way to cut carbon and other categories impact on the earth is to stop 
producing such units. This is not the subject here since we try to improve the device itself. Yet everybody should keep in mind that only a shared effort can lead to more sustainability. 
The whole chain and lifetime actors must be involved in this path from designers to politics,  regulators, and consumers. The suggestion we developed here should be taken as a part of this joint effort and not a providential solution to cut carbon emissions. All the suggestions here come from the team brainstorming and are supported by literature and LCA data. We tried our best to measure or estimate the potential gain provided by each of the solutions.  
This report first gathers some LCA rapid overview and then all the suggestions are detailed one by one. In the end, all the results are combined in the conclusion section.  

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