Rashid Ahmed Rifat

Engineer & Researcher

SSI Design Lab II: Manufacturing Processes for Smart Systems Lab

Abstract: USN’s MST - Lab is a research laboratory cleanroom; all personnel must adhere to safety guidelines and wear proper cleanroom suits before conducting any experiments. For the SSI Design Lab II (Microfabrication) course, lab experiments were carried out encompassing six processes with sputtering, photolithography, and wet/dry etching. Three different wafers were successfully fabricated; two square structures and one to be used by BioMEMS course students. Each process was evaluated by taking measurements using a profilometer or an ellipsometer; some inconsistencies were found along the whole process during the evaluation. Such findings are discussed in this paper. The resulting wafers exhibited satisfactory properties such as expected from the entire process chain.
Keywords—Ellipsometry, Profilometry, Photolithography, Magnetron Sputtering, Gold Etching, Reactive Ion Etching, Anisotropic Wet Etching

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