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Random Thoughts in May

May 24, 2024

 “There is peace even in the storm." ― Vincent van Gogh
A serene sunset by the lakeside, framed by the delicate branches of willows swaying in the gentle breeze, that invites tranquility and peace | Espoo, Finland, 2021
 As we grow older, we tend to seek the only thing that we can exchange for anything in this world - peace. From childhood to being a toddler, going to school and passing through the doors of college or university, little did we know that we were heading towards not money, not success, but rather peace from within. Every individual needs peace in their life, even without knowing the fact that whatever we have done in our lives is for the peace we seek. Some find peace by being a workaholic and following a routine 9-5 job, some by traveling around the world, and some might find peace just sitting on a couch sipping coffee. To me, peace seems to be a daily necessity to accomplish everything that we tend to achieve. But the other side of the coin has a different story.

What is the cost of peace? The price of peace is something that a person is willing to pay, while the cost is something that is incurred for having peace. To put it simply, to have peace, we need to pay with its own currency, be it a disciplined life or the little things we do only for ourselves or submitting ourselves to the will of the One who created us. It varies from person to person how to get into that state of mind to feel peaceful.

One interesting thing about nature is its entropy. We might know about the concept of entropy from physics in college studies. Entropy is a fundamental concept in thermodynamics, but it is applicable across different domains. It can be defined as a measure of disorder, chaos, or randomness in a system. In my opinion, one of the most fascinating things can be to relate entropy with nature and peace. The relationship between entropy in nature and peace can be understood from a philosophical and metaphorical perspective. While entropy is a scientific concept, it can also be viewed as a symbol or metaphor for certain aspects of peace. 

The whole existence of entropy is based on randomness, but in contrast, peace is often associated with a state of order, harmony, and stability. Just as low entropy represents a highly ordered state in nature, peace can be seen as a state of order and balance in human society, where conflicts and chaos are minimized. In nature, systems tend to move towards a state of maximum entropy, where no further spontaneous changes occur. This equilibrium state represents the most probable or disordered arrangement of the system's components. Simply put, the very nature that we observe seems to be calm, quiet, or peaceful to us, but within itself, it is chaotic, i.e., has the maximum disorder or randomness. Nature tries to remain in a state of equilibrium with the maximum entropy within itself. While entropy is a scientific concept, its metaphorical connection to peace lies in the ideas of order, balance, and the avoidance of dissipation or destructive forces. Peace can be seen as a state of low "social entropy," where conflicts and tensions are minimized, and a harmonious, sustainable equilibrium is achieved and maintained through collective efforts and resources.

 Peace comes with disorder or randomness. In our lives, we might go through turbulences in order to achieve the state of peace. As mentioned previously, with the highest entropy, the state of equilibrium can be achieved. But we have to be aware of the fact that everything comes with a cost. This can be in the form of struggles, sacrifices, hard work, countless sleepless nights, etc. There is no direct answer to the question from earlier, "What is the cost of peace?" At least I do not have a clear answer to that. But I'd quote John Lennon here: 
 “Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.” —John Lennon
 My wishes for every soul to be peaceful for it is the essence of our happiness to live a better life. 

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