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Random thoughts in November

November 03, 2023

For the past weeks, a lot has been swirling in my mind. Among the issues are the Palestine conflict, the current political instability in Bangladesh, and, most importantly, how the education curriculum is being eroded by the current regime. I am just an ordinary person among millions to comment on it, but the very essence of a nation lies behind its strength in education, which is being shattered into pieces as time goes on.
I remember that in my high school and secondary school, my teachers emphasized more on achieving the virtues of a human being in the first place, and everything after that. They asked us to be good human beings first. Since then, my perception of academic excellence changed. All our degrees, grades, certificates are just some numbers if we do not value the importance of human virtues.
The very first verse of the Holy Quran revealed to Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) says:
"Read (O Prophet), in the name of your Lord, Who created: created man from a clot of congealed blood. Read: and your Lord is Most Generous, Who taught knowledge by the pen, taught man what he did not know."- Surah Al-Alaq
Knowledge is power indeed. Without the enlightenment of knowledge, we cannot live up to be the best creation as told by the Almighty. So, it is our duty to harness knowledge throughout our lives.
I wish and pray for the betterment of my country, prayers for the martyrs of Palestine, and prayers for the oppressed around the globe. 

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