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Poth Chola (Walking the path)

August 06, 2023

We keep on walking to keep our dreams alive. Beautifully captured by: Sabbir | 2016 | Location: Moinot Ghat, Dohar, Bangladesh
It was during my bachelor's studies when I used to live in the area beside my university. After regular classes me and my friends used to hangout and have jamming sessions. We call it "adda" in Bangla and this is what I miss here thousand miles away from my home.
Most of the get-togethers would be in my place in F- block Bashundhara (a place in the North-East part of Dhaka). Sometimes me and my dear friend Rinkon used to jam at his place. Those experiences were hilarious! Maybe it is now more than six years, and it amazes me how fast time flies.
For me and my friends our "national anthems" were Poth Chola and Ei britshti bheja rate by the popular progressive metal band from Bangladesh Artcell and its artist Lincoln D'Costa. Poth chola means walking the path.  This track is my personal favourite. I grew up listening to Artcell, Aurthohin, Arnob, Warfaze and many other bands and artists.

The intro from poth chola says about the journey of one’s life and how at times his dreams come true. As written by Call me Fred-
The protagonist sings about his journey, and how his dreams sometimes come true. He questions which dream he should believe in, and how his life is hindered by someone's love that is unrequited. Despite this, he continues to walk on his path and listens to the echoes of pain and desire. In the end, he wonders whose hope he is chasing and whose love is holding him back.
Key takeaways:
This track inspired me to be an optimist no matter how the situation is. It encourages me to experience the inevitable difficulties of life in a different perspective yet keep on moving with life. In my opinion, there will be bad times which come as lessons to learn from and then there are good memories which are to be cherished for throughout our lives.
The Song:
আমার পথ চলা আমার পথে
যেন বেলা শেষে আকাশ কার মোহে
আমার স্বপ্ন আমার সাথে
যেন স্বপ্নে ফিরে আসে স্বপ্ন হয়ে
খুঁজে পায় জীবনের তীর
জীবনকে কোনো স্বপ্ন ভেবে
আমি কার আশাতে
ছুটে চলি পথে পথে
যেন কার মায়াতে
বাধা পড়েছে জীবন যে
কত সুখ কল্পনা
কত মিথ্যে প্রলোভন
কষ্টের প্রতিটি ক্ষণ
শোনায় তার আহবান

Amar poth chola amar pothe
Jeno belasheshe akash kar mohe
Amar shopno amar sathe
Jeno swapne phire ase swapno hoye
Khuje paay jiboner tiir
Jibon ke kono swapno bhebe
Ami kar asha te
Chute choli pothe pothe
Jeno kar mayate
Badha poreche jibon je
Koto sur kolpona 
koto mitthey prolobhon
Koster protitikhone
Shonay tar ahoban
My way on my walking path
As if at the end of the day, the sky is under the spell
My dream is with me
As if the dream comes back at times
Find the purpose of life
Thinking of life as a dream
Who am I waiting for?
Running along the way
As if in someone's imagination
Life is interrupted
Imagine how happy
What a false temptation
Every moment of suffering
Heed her call

Song : Poth Chola  (পথ চলা)
Band : Artcell
Lyric : Artcell
Tune : Artcell
Music : Artcell
Album : Onnosomoy
Language : Bangla
Label : G Series
Give it a listen to this amazing creation by Artcell

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